Heather Faherty

Hi there. I'm Heather, a Strategist living and working in NYC.


With a background in Neuroscience, I am driven by how people behave and why they do what they do. 

Experiences in academia (Harvard Medical School), clinical (Children's Hospital Boston), pharmaceutical (Biogen Idec), and biotech/biomedical spaces (TEI Biosciences, Inc.), have allowed me to perform R & D on products and lead projects from inception to completion. I drive impact in all initiatives through application of pattern recognition and data skills, creative and strategic thinking, and knowledge of marketing analytics, APIs, and web properties.

Scientific rigorous analysis – a constant fail, iterate, and try-again mentality - is a unique and purposeful attitude I bring to any team. Like science, marketing requires you know every detail about a product you are selling: it's design, features, and interface - and how all of these bind together to effect a customer's decision-making process around that product.




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